Election Issues

A Guide to Watching the 2nd Presidential Debate

By Jamie Fuller | Oct. 7, 2016 | Source: MTV News

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are headed to St. Louis this Sunday for the second presidential debate, because these candidates know there is no quicker way to your heart than by eating up the last precious moments of your weekend! It’s town hall–style, which means voters in the audience will ask half of the questions, while moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper will dole out the rest. The 90-minute democracy match starts at 9 p.m., and you can stream it live here.

Here’s a peek at what we’ll be watching or keeping in mind during the second-to-last night when Trump and Clinton will have to stand next to each other.

Debates by the People, for the People

Moderators always seem to cover the same ground during every single debate, which means that plenty of issues that are important to voters never get mentioned. Who knows what the voters in the audience will want to hear the candidates talk about, but their questions tend to be far more specific than the queries offered by moderators (ex: How will you help millennials who can’t find a job in the manufacturing industry?), which will provide a nice change of pace.

But — plot twist — the moderators have also decided to let the internet offer its own set of questions. The 30 most popular questions on the Open Debate Coalition’s website will be considered and maybe used on Sunday (we’re thinking of you, people stuck moderating this website and getting rid of the questions about Harambe). The question of choice right now is about universal background checks, while other ones near the top are about Social Security, the Second Amendment, and Citizens United. No one has asked if either candidate would nominate Boaty McBoatfaceto the Supreme Court yet.

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