Election 2016

All The 2016 Election Events You Need To Know About

By Meghan Demaria | July 1, 2016 | Source & Image: Refinery 29

"The presidential election may still be four months away, but it seems to be all anyone's talking about in U.S. news. So what exactly is happening between now and election day? We're breaking down everything you need to know before November 8.

For example, you've probably been keeping up with the Republican and Democratic primary debates, but did you know that the presidential nominations from each party won't go head-to-head until September 26? The presidential and vice presidential debates will surely be more heated after the Republicans and Democrats choose their parties' nominations. And on October 4, the vice presidential candidates will face off in a debate of their own.

We've compiled all of the caucuses, primaries, debates, and conventions to be aware of this election season. Read on for a monthly look at the events ahead in the 2016 election." - Meghan Demaria, Refinery 29

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