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'Before The Flood': Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon Musk, And Sustainable Energy

DiCaprio's NatGeo documentary brings a lot of smart people to the table to talk climate change.

By DAN SOLOMON | October 25, 2016 | SOURCE: Fast Company

Watch the trailer:

It's probably safe to say that Leonardo DiCaprio's Before The Flood is the most important movie the actor has been a part of. The documentary, which DiCaprio produced with director Fisher Stevens (yes, that Fisher Stevens), puts DiCaprio in the first-person role of investigator, talking to many of the smartest and most powerful people in the world about what can be done to save the planet from the threat of climate change. In the course of the film, DiCaprio visits heavyweights from Barack Obama to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to Pope Francis to Secretary of State John Kerry to potential First Dude Bill Clinton to talk about what needs to be done before the flood of climate change wrecks the planet.

He also talks to Tesla founder Elon Musk, whose investment in sustainable energy—from Tesla Motors to the company's batteries for solar power—are a huge part of what the future of power might look like in a world that continues to exist after fossil fuels. In this clip, presented exclusively via Co.Create, Musk gives DiCaprio a tour of Tesla's Gigafactory, the massive, $5 billion facility that opened in July (and which is still under construction in its later phases).

Throughout the video, Musk explains what projects like the Gigafactory could mean to a sustainable energy future—essentially, that the future of power in both the developed and developing world involves using solar batteries to power the world without the need for the sort of intensive infrastructure that would allow for people in remote parts of the world to get their juice. He likens the way that would impact the world to the way that cell phones reached people in the developing world who would otherwise have waited for years for land lines to be laid out in their area while DiCaprio, in his ever-present newsboy hat, nods sagely at Musk's explanation of what it would take for the entire world to be powered by sustainable, renewable energy: roughly 100 Gigafactories, which is both a big number and something that even Leo agrees seems doable.

Before The Flood is streaming on National Geographic Channel's YouTube through November 6. Watch the full documentary here:

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