Hillary Clinton

Can Clinton Keep Big Promises to Bernie Supporters?

By Celeste Katz | August 18, 2016 | SOURCE: Mic | IMAGE: Comedy Central

After defeating Bernie Sanders in a brutal Democratic primary fight, presidential nominee Hillary Clinton still had something to prove to the legions of young voters who embraced the Sanders political revolution.

In a "Jobs Plan for Millennials" touted ahead of her major tax policy address Wednesday, Clinton made a direct economic play for Sanders followers.

It plays up Clinton's pledge to "achieve the goal of free community college, free tuition for working families at public four-year colleges, increased support for career and technical training, and a debt free future for all Americans," for example.

Clinton's outreach to millennials, who overwhelmingly supported Sanders in the primaries, promises $20 billion to create job opportunities for the young. She proposes tax credits for businesses that offer apprenticeships. She emphasizes job creation in clean energy and the tech sector.

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