Election 2016

Democracy of Speedwalks


by JAIME FULLER | MTV NEWS | June 30, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images

"The elected official checklist that voters must consult every election year features a catalog of traits that have absolutely nothing to do with how said candidate would govern. We want presidents to be tall. We want politicians to act natural and tell it like it is. And, judging by how easy it is to find descriptions of candidates “galloping” or “sprinting,” we also want our politicians to walk fast.

Maybe we are programmed to equate speed-walking with success, conveying everything you need to know about a politician’s ambition through their long strides. Maybe we can blame Teddy Roosevelt, who inspired at least a dozen fluff pieces about how fast he dashed around D.C. A rapid gait will come in handy once a politician is elected too, making it easy to breeze past reporters in the Capitol eager to ask them a question, leaving them with nothing but the opportunity to note that the president “walked briskly” down the hall.

So what does this all mean? Absolutely nothing, especially as we approach our inevitable end-of-WALL-E downfall where walking speed will become irrelevant and the only important characteristic for would-be politicians is that they sound sort of like a robot. But sometimes, especially before a holiday weekend, it’s nice to stop and be slightly amused by breathless descriptions of political paces. Who knew this was a thing?" -- Jaime Fuller, MTV News

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