Election 2016

DJ + Musician Christy Costello on Voting

Christy doing her thing w/ her former band Pink Mink.

Christy doing her thing w/ her former band Pink Mink.

Joining us this Sunday, Oct. 9th for our pop-up "Prez Debates Round 2 at the VFW" viewing party is the multi-talented Christy Costello (The Von Bondies, Ouija Radio, Pink Mink, Lady Heat DJ). Described by City Pages as a “bubblegum Axewoman Barbie,” Christy Hunt is a rare post-punky guitar shredder in a mostly man’s world. She's made a living in rock and roll as a songwriter, club booker, for-hire rocking guitarist, and yoga instructor.

With election day a little over a month away, we caught up with Christy to get her thoughts on the upcoming historic election:


Go Vote MN: Describe your feelings about the current election in three words.

CC: Action gets results.

Go Vote MN: What issues do you care about the most (climate change, immigration, etc.)?

CC: Education/Student Loan Debt, Minimum Wage/Wage Equality, Environment, Health Care, Economy, ISIS, Homeland Security, International Trade.

Go Vote MN: Why do you feel it's important to vote?

CC: Real change comes with participation from all.  There's way to much at stake to not vote!

Go Vote MN: For the debate on Sun. 10/9, they're opening up questions to Americans, what question would you like to ask the presidential candidates if given the chance?

CC: Would you be ok with your children attending public schools, taking out student loans for college and joining the military right now in this country?

Go Vote MN: If you could elect any artist/musician as President, who would it be and why?

CC: Dolly Parton or Ian Svenonius

Join us this Sunday, Oct. 9th to see Christy CostelloFort Wilson Riot play a live set prior to the Presidential Debates (which start at 8PM sharp). We'll be providing politically themed color therapy activities, bingo (with prizes!), and volunteers to get you registered to vote. Drink specials courtesy of the Uptown VFW -- event is FREE and 18+ prior to 9PM. See you there!