DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip on Voting

Follow him @tiiiiiiiiiip

Follow him @tiiiiiiiiiip

Joining us this Thurs. Oct. 20th for our fourth and final #BEEROCRACY party at Inbound Brewing Co. is local DJ/Producer/Promoter Tiiiiiiiiiip. He's a founding member of Audio Perm, DJs for Allan KingdomBobby Raps / Spooky Black (Corbin), and happens to throw some of the coolest parties in the Twin Cities (truth!). Not to mention he's been spotlighted by Lavender Magazine on his impeccable style.

With election day coming up in a mere 20 days, we caught up with him to get his thoughts on the current election:

Go Vote MN: Describe your feelings about the current election in three words.

Tiiiiiiiiiip: important, concerning, confusing

Go Vote MN: What issues do you care about the most (climate change, immigration, etc.)?

TiiiiiiiiiipImmigration is what comes to mind immediately, but overall i think anything to do with jobs and the creation of jobs would be the thing i care about the most.

Go Vote MN: Why do you feel it's important to vote? 

Tiiiiiiiiiip: I think its especially important this time around because i think if Trump is elected as president a lot of things will change and become much much worse. 

Go Vote MN: If given the chance, what question would you like to ask the presidential candidates regarding this election?

Tiiiiiiiiiip: Most Americans are overworked and underpaid, how do you plan to create sustainable and livable wages across industries?

Go Vote MN: If you could elect anyone as President, who would it be and why?

Tiiiiiiiiiip: Probably Mica Grimm, because she's a good representative of the people and level headed and makes reasonable decisions. I mean she has already been to the White House, so she basicallyalready runs Washington and by association the whole country!

To meet Tiiiiiiiiiip in person and see his skills in action, join us from 5pm to 8pm this Thursday, Oct. 20th at Inbound Brewing Co.