Donald Trump

Donald Trump spent $207,868 on hats and $120,174 on ads last month

by David Goldman   @DavidGoldmanCNN | Source: CNN

Trump's campaign spent $208,000 on hats, $5,000 on signs and $694,000 on t-shirts, mugs and stickers in June, according to a financial disclosure with the Federal Election Commission. Those "Make America Great" clothes and posters have been Trump's primary form of paid advertising.

By contrast, the Trump campaign spent just $115,000 on online advertising and $5,000 on print ads.

The filing also showed that Hillary Clinton has a commanding fundraising lead over Trump, impacting the amount of money the campaigns can spend on advertising. Clinton's campaign had $42 million in the bank as of May 31. Trump's campaign had $1.3 million.

Clinton's campaign plans to spend $117 million in television advertising prior to Election Day. Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters have committed to $700,000.

Campaign advertising is a critical tool that campaigns use to persuade voters in crucial swing states.

Trump's campaign spent just $6.7 million last quarter, less than half the $14.1 million Clinton's campaign spent.