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Fort Wilson Riot on Voting

Jacob Mullis of Fort Wilson Riot.

Jacob Mullis of Fort Wilson Riot.

Joining us this Sunday, Oct. 9th for our pop-up "Prez Debates Round 2 at the VFW" viewing party will be local darlings, Fort Wilson Riot. Don't know who they are? Well, according to their bio: Fort Wilson Riot is not a place. It is a happening that brings together the most infectious elements of the last five decades of pop music. Defined by the voices of Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis, it is a pop tapestry that continues to surprise with every unfolding groove and texture.

With election day a little over a month away, we caught up with Jacob to get his thoughts on the upcoming historic election:

Go Vote MN: Describe your feelings about the current election in three words.

JM: Primates are scary.

Go Vote MN: What issues do you care about the most (climate change, immigration, etc.)?

JM: Climate Change and Social Justice

Go Vote MN: Why do you feel it's important to vote?

JM: I try not to be driven by cynicism. Though it’s true that one vote in a presidential election won’t change the world, or even the country, I do believe that this current system of government works best the more everyone is informed and engaged. One simple way to be engaged is to vote. Particularly in local State elections!

Go Vote MN: For the debate on Sun. 10/9, they're opening up questions to Americans, what question would you like to ask the presidential candidates if given the chance?

JM: No comment

Go Vote MN: If you could elect any artist/musician as President, who would it be and why?

JM: I wouldn’t want a artist/musician to be President. I want a someone who has dedicated their life to making the world a better place for everyone who lives in it. I think art is a very important part of any culture but I can’t think of a single artist/musician that would make a good politician. That’s probably one of the things that makes them good artists.

Join us this Sunday, Oct. 9th to see Fort Wilson Riot play a live set prior to the Presidential Debates (which start at 8PM sharp). They'll be joined by Lady Heat DJ Christy Costello and we'll be providing politically themed color therapy activities, bingo (with prizes!), and volunteers to get you registered to vote. Drink specials courtesy of the Uptown VFW -- event is FREE and 18+ prior to 9PM. See you there!