Holidae on Voting

Joining us on Thurs. Oct. 20th for our fourth and final #BEEROCRACY party at Inbound Brewing Co. is synth-pop duo HOLIDAE. Winners of the Star Tribune’s 2016 Are You Local? contest, Holidae is comprised of local talents Ashley Gold and Garrett Neal. 

With election day coming up in a little less than a month, we caught up with them to get their thoughts on the current election:

Go Vote MN: Describe your feelings about the current election in three words.

Holidae: Disappointing. Frustrating. Important.

Go Vote MN: What issues do you care about the most (climate change, immigration, etc.)?

Holidae: Justice and equality, racial justice, LGBT rights and equality, equal pay, women's reproductive rights, gun violence prevention, de-militarization the police, climate change, health care, paid family and medical leave, mental health, housing, ending mass incarceration and poverty. 

Go Vote MN: Why do you feel it's important to vote? 

Holidae: It's important we exercise our civic responsibility and let our voice be heard. We need to do all that we can in the present because our present impacts our future. Also, this election is especially important because this president will elect not one but most likely 2 or 3 Supreme Court judges during their term. 

Go Vote MN: If given the chance, what question would you like to ask the presidential candidates regarding this election?

Holidae: In what ways can we start to move from a two party system towards a multiparty system so that demographics of the people in office (senators, house of reps, judges, ect.) represent and reflect the demographics the of the population they serve? 

Go Vote MN: If you could elect anyone as President, who would it be and why?

Holidae: Nina Simone. So she could give her state of the union in poetry and song. 

The party goes from 5pm to 8pm and is FREE & 18+! See you there!