Election 2016

How Donald Trump Won

by Matthew YglesiasJavier Zarracina, and Sarah Frostenson | July 18, 2016 | Source & Image provided by VOX

Donald Trump’s unexpected transformation from reality television star to Republican Party presidential nominee has been analyzed endlessly over the past few months. Most of that analysis, mostly appropriately, has focused on the deep structural factors that powered his popularity. But Trump polled well in the GOP field a year ago when almost nobody thought he would win.

The specific tactical modalities that took Trump from "well-known celebrity who polled well among Republicans" to "guy who beat a dozen established politicians and became the nominee" are worth recounting on their own terms. It’s a story of strong, innovative behavior on Trump’s part. But it's also a story of massive blundering on the part of the Republican establishment.

It's a tale in which, somewhat ironically, disciples of free market economics were brought down largely by collective action problems and an inability to coordinate.

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