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'Matt Lauer: Complete Disgrace to Journalism', says Colbert

By German Lopez | September 9, 2016 | SOURCE: Vox

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert skewered Matt Lauer's performance at NBC News presidential candidate forum in his show’s opening segment, which went up on YouTube with the title “Matt Lauer: A Complete Disgrace to Journalism.” “Since last night wasn’t technically a debate, there’s no real winner. But many have declared a loser: Matt Lauer,” Colbert said. “Last night, Twitter tore him a new tweethole [scroll down to see Twitter's reactions] with criticisms New York magazine summed up by saying, ‘Matt Lauer’s interviews of Clinton and Trump were a complete disgrace to journalism.’”

Moderating presidential debates and forums is tough, with a lot of pressure to get everything perfect. But Lauer’s performance was exceptionally bad

Miss the forum? Watch the full video here