Election 2016

Minnesota’s Primary Tuesday 8/9: Races To Watch

By Melissa Turtinen | August 8, 2016 | Photo: Shaymus McLaughlin

Minnesotans will head to the polls Tuesday to vote in the state primary, where they’ll select who is going to appear on the general election ballot in November.

Voter turnout is expected to be pretty low because there’s only one statewide primary on the ballot. And because it’s a judicial election, voter turnout is typically even lower, MinnPost reports

This November, Minnesotans will be voting to fill the state’s eight U.S. Congressional seatsall 134 seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives and all 67 seats in the state Senate. The stakes are high, MinnPost says, with Democrats hoping to win back the House and Republicans fighting to maintain control of it and win a majority in the Senate.

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