Election 2016

Misty Plowright: Openly Transgender and Running For Congress

Misty Plowright Is More Than Just One of America's First Trans Congressional Candidates

By Mason Miller | August 11, 2016 | SOURCE: VICE | Photo: Michael Herrera, courtesy of Misty for Congress

When we met in July, Misty Plowright was waiting outside of a tea house in an industrial part of Colorado Springs. It was 95 degrees outside, but she was sipping hot tea. Her voice was calm, and she seemed unfazed by the national and international media attention she's received over the past month, since becoming one of the first two openly transgender people nominated for national office by a major political party.

With hundreds of other congressional seats up for grabs this year, Plowright doesn't think her bid to represent Colorado's fifth district in the US House of Representatives is all that special. But it is. This June, while working 40-hour weeks as an IT consultant, the 33-year-old Democrat defeated primary opponent Donald Martinez—a decidedly moderate cisgender Army combat veteran—running as a progressive outsider in Colorado's most conservative district.

And though it isn't—and shouldn't—be her campaign's focus, Plowright is, indeed, special. Alongside US Senate hopeful Misty Snow—a Utah Democrat who defeated primary opponent Jonathan Swinton by nearly 20 points—the two first-time candidates have made history, giving the transgender community a platform in congressional politics for the first time ever.

Plowright's success is all the more surprising, given her frank, even crass, personality. She's a bit of a character—last month, she told the Guardian that she'd like to own a Hello Kitty AR-15 and predicted that the next major American civil rights movement will involve artificial intelligence.

But she refuses to let herself be caricatured. And she's quick to argue that its her honesty and straightforward campaign style—rather than her gender identity, personal quirks, or the open, polyamorous triad marriage she shares with her wife and husband—that make her interesting.

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