Presidential Candidates

NPR Examines Presidential Candidates' Character

Get a personal look at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton through interviews with colleagues, critics, friends and family

By Rachel Martin | September 2, 2016 | SOURCE: NPR | PHOTO: Lee Balterman/The LIFE Premium Collection/Getty Images; R: Bettmann / Getty Images

As Election Day approaches, NPR explores the character of two major party presidential candidates. In the hour-long radio special, "The Making of Clinton and Trump: Character in the 2016 Election," Weekend Edition host Rachel Martin speaks with the people who've worked closely with the candidates as they've forged their political identities and from others who know them best to understand how they became the most unpopular nominees since modern polling began.

"The Making of Clinton and Trump: Character in the 2016 Election" will air on participating public radio stations throughout the month of September. Elements of the special will appear on Weekend Edition and become available on NPR One Sunday, September 4. The full transcript is now available on

The radio special will explore the candidates' most formative experiences and dive into aspects of their personalities that have turned into liabilities with voters: Hillary Clinton's need for privacy and Donald Trump's desire for public attention.

Listen to the program here