Election 2016

RNC vs DNC | Who will you choose in Nov?

RNC and DNC Showed There Are Two Teams in America – Choose Wisely

Conventions depicted starkly different visions of our nation. In November, we must vote for one of them.

By Joshua Holland | July 29, 2016 | Source: Rolling Stone | Photo: Hill Street Studios

Some Bernie Sanders supporters – about 10 percent of them, it seems – say they're sick and tired of being told to suck it up and be "team players" in the general-election contest against Donald Trump. The Democrats weren't fair to their guy, they say, so why should they do anything to help the party?

The sentiment is understandable, but it also betrays a narrow view of what divides us. Perhaps the biggest lie in American politics, first articulated by Barack Obama but repeated by a thousand hacks since, is that there's no red or blue America – we're all just Americans. The reality is that we're a deeply polarized society, and that polarization goes miles beyond mere partisanship. We tend to live in different communities, we trust different media, we like different cars and we have different sexual mores. Political scientists Jonathan Weiler and Marc Hetherington found that the way a person answers a few simple questions about childrearing is highly predictive of whether that person will lean toward the left or the right.

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