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Sheryl Crow Urges Political Parties to Shorten the Election Cycle

'I think people are really tired of it,' says Grammy winning songstress


Grammy Award-winning musician Sheryl Crow is petitioning the Republican and Democratic national committees to shorten the primary election cycle, saying the long, bitter campaign has worn on voters

“I think people are really tired of it,” Ms. Crow told The Wall Street Journal. “They’ve had it.”

The notion first arose in discussions with friends and family, but when she mentioned it on The View television program Oct. 3, the singer said, it touched a nerve on social media.

She launched an online petition that had garnered more than 43,000 signatures as of 10/26. The petition asks the DNC and RNC to shorten the presidential their primary calendars to “reduce the amount of time we are exposed to presidential campaigns.” It adds that this year has been “damaging and has incited fear and hatred.”

“More than anything the language is so divisive and I find myself trying to get to the remote control before my kids can turn the TV on,” she said.

The long cycle is good for television ratings but not for voters, she said. She said she didn’t think a curtailed election cycle would diminish voters’ opportunity to vet candidates because, in her view, the campaign has degenerated into mere “sensationalism.”

“If we could figure out a way to create some kind of parameters without infringing on people’s freedom of speech, it would make for a more civilized process,” she said.

If shortening the election were a ballot item, she predicted people would vote for it.

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