Election 2016

Teens Who Love Trump


By Drew Millard | July 18, 2016 | Source: VICE | Photo: Ken Betancur/AFP/Getty Images

We will never understand teens. As soon as adults assimilate a piece of information about teens, like, "What is up with that frog on the unicylce?" or "Are they actually setting themselves on fire?" the teens have already moved on to the next thing, or become 20-somethings and made way for the next incomprehensible batch of youth.

For instance, I think I get why teens tweet "fuck me daddy" at Donald Trump (because it's funny). But what about the teens who say they actually, honestly support the GOP candidate? What's going on there?

I'm talking about teens like my friend Diane's 18-year-old brother, Mike. A few weeks ago, he proudly announced to his family that he plans to cast his first-ever presidential ballot for the bold entrepreneur who gave the world Trump Steaks. Diane loves her brother, but she has no idea why he's doing this. "I think he just, like, thinks Trump is cool," she told me.

"I don't wanna say I like Donald Trump as a person," Mike told me over the phone when I asked him why he planned on voting for the Donald. Instead, Mike said that he shared more "critical beliefs" with Trump on stances such as immigration, taxes, and prioritizing the well-being of our veterans. "I'm not gonna go to his rallies or buy a Make America Great Again hat or anything," he said, "but if I had to make a choice between Clinton and Trump, it'd be Trump."

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