Election 2016

The Art of the RNC

The Art of the Republican National Convention

Artists brought their work to the streets of Cleveland—from portraits to cosplay to sex dolls—taking advantage of the crowds.

By CONOR FRIEDERSDORF | July 20, 2016 | Source: The Atlantic | Photo: Conor Friedersdorf

CLEVELAND––Usually, when cartoonist Vishavjit Singh stands in a public square wearing in his Sikh turban, most people walk right past him without saying hello. But midday Wednesday he was among the most sought after people in a space crowded with activists, delegates, partisans demonstrating for and against Donald Trump, and passersby who paused for a moment to take in the spectacle.

What Republican, after all, wouldn’t want a picture with Captain America?

“I’m a cartoonist from New York. I also happen to be a writer and a costume player. And I use my costume play to strike conversations and overcome people’s stereotypes about who I might be because people don’t know who Sikhs are,” Singh explained.

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