Election 2016

Thinking of Voting For a Third Party Candidate?

Think Really, Really Hard Before Voting For A Third Party Candidate. Really.

By Paul Richardson, Esquire | 07/25/2016 | Source: Huffington Post | Photo via Jill Stein

Unlike any major candidate in generations, Donald Trump is temperamentally, emotionally, and intellectually unfit to be President of the United States. He would be an embarrassment and, more importantly, present far too high a risk of precipitating an economic, social, or military catastrophe.

If you disagree with that assessment, this post is not for you. It won’t persuade you of anything. Though I reserve the right to try to persuade you at some point before the election (and I hope you feel the same about me).   

But assuming you agree with the lunacy of a President Trump, you are left with four options:

  1. Vote for Hillary Clinton

  2. Vote for Gary Johnson - Libertarian party

  3. Vote for Jill Stein - Green party

  4. Not vote

Even among those who would never vote for Trump, I’m increasingly hearing things like:

I hate Trump, but Hillary is just as bad.

We have two terrible options this time.

One is a liar and one is an idiot, so I’m voting for a third party.

I cannot state it emphatically enough: Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, under no reasonable assessment is she “just as bad” as Donald Trump.

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