Tinder’s ‘Swipe the Vote’ poll

Swipe left for Hillary Clinton, right for Donald Trump

By MEERA JAGANNATHAN | October 27, 2016 | SOURCE: New York Daily News | PHOTO: 

Tinder, of all services, wants to help confused millennials choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — this time in 16 different countries.

The hookup app on Wednesday relaunched its “Swipe the Vote” feature, a partnership with Rock the Vote which debuted in March during the primaries, to let young undecideds in the U.S. and beyond swipe right or left on key issues and their preferred presidential pick.

“This election marks the first time in history that essentially all millennials are old enough to vote,” read a statement on the company blog. “In fact, millennials will play a larger role in this election than in any other — from the big decision to the global conversation — which is why we’re bringing Swipe the Vote to our users around the world.”

The “Swipe the Vote” card, appearing in the midst of your average no-strings-attached swipefest, directs users to a seven-question poll that covers issues like taxing the 1%, gun control, climate change, minimum wage and the Affordable Care Act.

The feature handily adapts the app’s infamous left-for-no, right-for-yes swiping system to let users choose positions on issues: On undocumented immigration, for example, it’s left for “path to citizenship”; right for “get ’em out.”

Its last question asks users to swipe left for the former secretary of state, right for the reality-star mogul. The poll ultimately mates people with the candidate who best aligns with their views, and directs them to the proper polling location.

Swingers in the U.S., the UK, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia and Spain can currently access the feature, according to Tinder.

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