Pop Culture

Trump Zoltar Machine Pops Up in New York

By JOHN DEL SIGNORE | October 11, 2016 | SOURCE: Gothamist | PHOTO: Camille Dodero

An animatronic Trump Zoltar machine (you remember Zoltar, right?) with glowing red eyes has been spotted around New York. The machine prophesies a brave new world of high speed deportation trains.

"Look into my crystal ball and see America's future," the 'All Seeing Trump' declares. "I see a huge investment into a modern, high speed rail system. Very advanced, very fast. And we're going to use it to deport 11 million illegal Mexicans. And by the way, I love the Mexican people. I love their spirit! I love their spirit. And I love packing them onto trains like cattle. And I build the best deportation trains, believe me. My trains are so much better..."

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