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What roles are startups playing in the current US Presidential elections

By Kaushik Srinivasan | June 21, 2016 | Source: Your Story

This new millennium has been all about breaking the barriers and expanding the frontiers of human thinking. While people from the 1990s preferred to stay in a cozy, secure eight-hour corporate job and follow the same routine day after day, the millennials are keen on venturing out of their comfort zones and experimenting with new stuff. While corporates were highly spoken of in the 20th century, currently, startups are dictating the headlines.

Startups have become ubiquitous, catering to every single need of a millennial, be it for a household need or a long-term goal, ranging from buying a safety pin online to helping politicians win elections. While there are a comrade of e-commerce startups serving the former purpose, the political domain is an untapped area for startups.

Political parties have also realised the need for technological implications in their campaign to reach out to difficult-to-reach voters and convert critical voter blocs.

Currently, the hottest topic doing its rounds is the US Presidential elections. Both Republican party and Democratic party are about to announce their US Presidential nominee. With the elections entering into the final lap, both parties are banking on startups to help them get an edge over their opponents.

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